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Hi everyone!

Exciting changes happening with Airlie. We have decided to expand Airlie Baby! In order for us to focus on this transition, we have made the decision to close our Mooresville location.

It is bittersweet for us as we’ve poured our hearts into making Airlie Square such a special place. However, we are looking into our future and are anxious to open this new chapter!

This is not a “goodbye” from us, but rather a “stay tuned”. Excitement and anticipation are on the horizon and we will keep you posted when we can. In the meantime, our tiny store in Birkdale will continue to bring you all of the cuteness we can fit in there!

If you have gift cards, please come use them and shop our special moving sale at Airlie Square until February 15th! (Gift cards can still be used at our Birkdale location after that time).

We want to thank everyone who has so graciously shopped with us over the last nearly four years. Thank you for your support and encouragement, we could not be where we are without you!

We love you, God bless, and stay tuned!


Robin and Samantha


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Our Mooresville location is 

Please visit us at our Huntersville location in Birkdale Village



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